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Training Services

`The long-range contribution of statistics depends ... on ... creating a statistically minded generation ...'
Walter A. Shewhart

Statoo Consulting designs and delivers application-focused training in statistical thinking, statistics, data mining (now rebranded as data science), big data analytics and related software.

Our training courses are tailored to your goals and your needs.

In our training courses you will learn how to manage uncertainty, how to turn data into knowledge and how to integrate statistical concepts, methods and tools to make sense of your data, your mining and your results. Our training services help you to improve your analytical and/or statistical skills whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.

Our training does not end when you leave our courses, it has only just begun. Our individualised attention guarantees our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

Statoo Consulting's training is an investment that will save you time and money. Your time is money and we are dedicated to helping you make the most of it.

Statoo Consulting offers on-site training courses with your group, your computers, and with your data (upon request). On-site training is cost-effective for you to train your group. Attendees can share examples and questions relevant to your key problems. Both, the topic and the materials are targeted to your specific goals and your needs.

Statoo Consulting can also design individualised training on your statistical, data mining (data science) and/or big data analytics topics of interest.

We at Statoo Consulting have excellent language skills (fluent in English, French and German) to better serve your needs. In addition, we are experts with statistical softwares such as R, Statistica and many more.

Interested in our training services? Are you drowning in uncertainty and starving for knowledge? Interested to get Statooed? Have a question about our training services? Contact us to allow us to help you.

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