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Statoo Consulting is located in Berne, Switzerland. But to satisfy your needs, it does not matter whether your company is located in Hawaii, in Lausanne or in Berne.

Statoo Consulting
Morgenstrasse 129
3018 Berne

phone +41 (0)31 998 4590

Statoo Consulting is located at the `Berner Technologiepark', where various companies, branches and philosophies are united under one roof.

Statoo Consulting's main office is located on the first floor of the `Berner Technologiepark' building and can be reached easily both by public transportation (by rail: 7 minutes walk from the railway station `Bern Bümpliz Süd' - by bus: `Technopark' bus stop, line 27) as well as by car (2 minutes drive from the motorway exit `Niederwangen').

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